Watch These Wingsuit Daredevils Make Risky Jumps For Internet Fame


Wingsuit flying – a sport in which people glide through the air while wearing a specialized suit – was first attempted in Switzerland in 2003.

More than ten years later, the spectacular sport attracts hundreds of aficionados every year: recent estimates put the number of people practicing wingsuiting at about 2,000, the AFP reports.

And as the sport becomes more popular, so have the videos shared online featuring daring stunts, turning expert wingsuiters into Internet sensations. Some are seen flying perilously close to mountainsides and approaching the record flying speed of 363 kph.

“Video has a positive side,” Vincent Descols, a wingsuit flier, told AFP. “It allows us to fine-tune the art of flight: the accuracy, the height at which to open the parachute.”

“But other videos are a problem because they give the impression that it’s easy,” Descols added.
Some worry that the online spread of wingsuit videos could…

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Road Trip Playlist: The Highway

Hear & Now

The Highway is literally named for, well, A HIGHWAY, so what better channel to tune into for a road trip playlist? In The Highway’s road trip playlist, we’ve got Chase Rice’s Ready Set Roll, Rascal Flatts’ Life Is a Highway, Darius Rucker’s Wagon Wheel, Kenny Chesney’s Summertime, and tons more.

Turn the ignition on, and check out The Highway’s entire road trip playlist below.

1. Brad Paisley – Beat This Summer
2. Chase Rice – Ready Set Roll
3. Rodney Atkins – Take a Back Road
4. Rascal Flatts – Life is a Highway
5. Billy Currington – Good Directions
6. Jason Aldean – Take a Little Ride
7. Florida Georgia Line – Cruise
8. Keith Urban – Days Go By
9. Lady Antebellum – Goodbye Town
10. Eli Young Band – Dust
11. Darius Rucker – Wagon Wheel
12. Kip Moore – Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck
13. Logan…

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Corvette Museum plans to completely fill in sinkhole


BOWLING GREEN, Kentucky (AP) – A massive sinkhole that swallowed eight prized sports cars won’t be a permanent attraction at the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky.

The museum’s board of directors voted Saturday to fill in the entire hole that opened up in February and became an Internet sensation. Curiosity over the hole revved up attendance and revenue for the museum in Bowling Green, an hour north of Nashville, Tennessee.

Board members reversed course by deciding against preserving a section of the gaping hole.

Mindful of the hole’s popularity, museum officials in late June were leaning toward keeping part of the hole open and putting a crumpled sports car back in it to memorialize what happened when cars toppled like toys amid rocks, concrete and dirt when the sinkhole opened up in the museum’s Skydome.

The option of keeping part of the hole open lost favor because of added costs…

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NJ Fishermen Seeing Spike In Whale Sightings This Year

CBS New York

ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Folks fishing off the Jersey Shore are on the hunt for fish of course, but this year they’ve been getting an added bonus: multiple whale sightings.

“We see whales almost daily…Most of them are finbacks, and you see ’em breaching, coming right through eating the bunker. Lots of them,” said George, captain of the Party Boat Angler, which runs out of the Atlantic Highlands Marina.

[cbs-audio-player title=”NJ Fishermen Seeing Spike In Whale Sightings This Year” artist=”WINS” download=”false” image=”” url=”″ station_name=”1010 WINS’ Gary Baumgarten reports” station_logo=””]

George told 1010 WINS’ Gary Baumgarten he’s been fishing for years and has seen whales before, but not like this year.

“Yes I’ve seen it in past years but not for this long through the season,” he said.

Michael, who was out fishing for fluke on Saturday, said the sightings are quite a thrill.

“Oh it’s exciting to see them come out…

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Gay Mississippi man claims male teacher raped him for three years

Scotties Toy Box

I have both heard this more times than I want to count, and I have been here more times than my mind let me remember.   The fact is what this “teacher” did was instill a lot of things including hate for him , but never did it change what was born in him.  I can tell you for sure, and I am proof positive if being raped changed ones sexual orientation I wouldn’t be living with Ron for 24 years.  I hear of females being raped and the guys who do it think they are proving something, they are changing something, all they are doing is causing such hate and anger…I know this because I have been raped by males and females.  The females were in my military service time, and no it did not make me straight…Hugs

Gay Mississippi man claims male teacher raped him for three years.

The American Psychological Association…

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