Anterior Hip Replacement / jiffy hip / my personal experience

Oct.31,2013 My BF / Husbear is now scheduled to have the procedure .



At 53 years old I decided to pull the trigger and have my left hip replaced.  
Eight years earlier I was a casual runner, logging 10-15 miles per week, played in a competitive over 40 men’s soccer league every Sunday  and lifted weights 2-3 times per week.  I had started playing golf regularly a couple of years earlier and the bug had bitten me hard.  The fact that I could occasionally birdie a hole made me think that if I could just eliminate the double and triple bogies, I could be a solid golfer.  I had also fallen in love with a wonderful young lady,  now my wife Leslie, who kept me on my toes in all things athletic, including golf. 
The pain in my left hip started after I attended a 3 day golf school in Florida.  Great program.  Really got me hitting down onto the…

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