Nudists Given The Boot To Their Bare Butt On Fire Island Beach.

Nudists given the boot ?


There is some hubbub going on in New York about Fire Island Beach.  The beach has been used by naturist/nudists for years.  The rangers turned their heads and allowed it to go on.  Now, they have decided that they can no longer allow such activity to continue.  They claim that, “There has also been an increase in lewd and lascivious behavior, more voyeurism, more exhibitionism.”

Nudists given the boot to their bare butt on Fire Island Beach.

I have never been to Fire Island, and now it sounds unlikely I will ever go.  Guess I won’t be spending any of my money there!  Anyway, I think it interesting what the officials have to say about what goes on there.

When I used to go to a nude beach, I will admit that there was some of all of that going on.  There was an area where people would go…

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Why Can’t Everyone Be Down With Nudity?

I love Nudity, do You ?


For anyone living in the north-eastern part of the country, you know it has been warm, but mostly rainy and humid.  Yesterday was the 4th of July and it was in the mid eighties and about ninety percent humidity.  We had guests, our family, and they aren’t nudists.

Why can’t everyone be down with nudity?

I sat there for a good part of the day in shorts and t-shirt.  I was sweating and uncomfortable.  I suppose that to someone not a nudist, would just think it was hot.  Not me!

I was thinking, “Why can’t I just get naked and everyone would be fine with it?”

It seems so silly to me.  Everyone knows what bits are under those clothes.  Whenever I ask friends why they wouldn’t go with us to our local nudist park, the answers always float around the fact that they don’t have the perfect body.  So…

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