Path’s CEO Plans a Subscription Service ( An opinion )




My opinion : if Path had their site working well over years, this Subscription Service may work well, however as a Path Site user, I do NOT know anyone of my “friends” including myself whom have had good notable service over time . For me and my Time line on Path site has broken down more routinely than it has been up ! Truelly ! The ONLY reason myself & my close Path friends choose to stay on the SOCIAL NETWORK SITE is because of each other, not because of the site itself. Just this past week, March 24 thru March 30, 2013…. My Path account broke down. Yes , Path got it working again as they usually do ( in their own sweet time ) ,however it’s done this very same breakdown multiple times before. The site is NOT ready for prime time, in this users breaks down far too often.
Path CEO has chosen to remove his management team from taking troublesome pesky Path user complaints about the site. In their place , The CEO employes a third party complaint taking company . When a user tweets to @Pathservice on Twitter with a complaint…it’s NOT Path Service that the user is Tweeting to, it’s this third party company who inturn contacts Path, we think. This is just one of the problems with Path users have !
This user is gone when it goes to an all User Fee Subscription service !


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