Can someone help me, Please ?


My IPad Mini has stopped uploading my apps that need updating to the updates screen . This is recent new problem. When I tap on the update apps tab that is at bottom of screen with a red badge, all I see on the updates page is a blank white screen, no apps on the screen . Just the red lit up badge only.
The rest of the App Store options work for me, no problems there.
What I’ve tried :
#1. Signing out and then back into the App Store , no changes.
#2. I’ve rebooted the IPad Mini from a full power down . No changes.
#3. I’ve tried connecting my IPad Mini to my Desktop PC ITunes , No change. It had been a month since it’s last sync up to the ITunes on my Desktop. The sync up worked fine but no change ,again.
This IPad Mini fails to display apps on update screen on both Home Wifi and VZW LTE .
Can someone please offer me more suggestions that might help….


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