Brunch and Grocery’s Mondays

Another Monday of Errands is here.





It’s a shame that in our Metro area that my husbear ( MLW ) and myself have to visit multiple grocery stores every grocery day to purchase just what we need.
We start out of a morning from our home ( Wise Bear Den ) and then next stop is Brunch time at Cagney’s Restaurant for Brunch and next is Grocery shopping ! We return home after grocery shopping !


This day it took us two guys three different local Grocery stores to find all the few Grocery items we require .

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Monday’s is an errand day for us two Bears of the Wise Bear Den.Today, Monday is no exception .Our Mondays Start off with brunch at Cagney’s restaurant and then we go errand running from there, with stops at pet smart and the local grocery store . Mondays are traditionally our busy day .



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