MMMBT & HRBT facilities shift mtg. After Work Today



After all three shifts at both two VDOT Interstate Tunnel Facilities are scheduled at 7AM ; 12 Noon and 3 PM to have a Shift Meeting with our both facilities Admin Management. The location for these three scheduled Shift meetings are the VDOT Training Facility building in nearby Hampton,Va. The two photos show pics of the Bldg. at the Intersection of National Ave. & S.Curry St.
Stay tuned for developing details …..
Meanwhile…after the 3 PM meeting time; long after….5 PM Jan.10…Due to just plain bad ,stopped,backed up traffic on the Hampton side of the HRBT ( I-64 ) tunnel facility, a 7 mile back up of stopped traffic, Myself and a female shift co worker never did make this so called “mandatory ” meeting. I made two cell phone calls back to the Super at 3MBT. I-664 facility, was told at 4:45 PM that meeting was over that we both missed it being stuck in traffic problems. Was told that we’d still receive the the two hours of overtime pay. I said thank you, and proceeded home.
Will find out second hand / hear say what info was put out by Admin Mangement at this meeting on Friday at work.



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