Can someone help me, Please ?



My IPad Mini has stopped uploading my apps that need updating to the updates screen . This is recent new problem. When I tap on the update apps tab that is at bottom of screen with a red badge, all I see on the updates page is a blank white screen, no apps on the screen . Just the red lit up badge only.
The rest of the App Store options work for me, no problems there.
What I’ve tried :
#1. Signing out and then back into the App Store , no changes.
#2. I’ve rebooted the IPad Mini from a full power down . No changes.
#3. I’ve tried connecting my IPad Mini to my Desktop PC ITunes , No change. It had been a month since it’s last sync up to the ITunes on my Desktop. The sync up worked fine but no change ,again.
This IPad Mini fails to display apps on update screen on both Home Wifi and VZW LTE .
Can someone please offer me more suggestions that might help….

A Special Presidential Inauguration Day 2013







What makes this Presidential Inauguration Day 2013 is that : To this aging Gay Liberal Democrat in the state of Virginia USA is that if my failing memory serves me, this is the first American President that has directly & favorably mentioned the Gay Community in his Inaugural Address to the USA Nation specifically and the world in general. It is a very proud day indeed I do believe for not only Barack Obama & family but for the Gay Community at large.

Some of the Types of Tractor/ Trailers that Interstate Bridge Tunnel Inspectors





Here in these drawings/ photos are SOME of the types of Tractor / Tractor Trucks that we as Bridge Tunnel Inspectors actually Inspect at our Haz Mat Commercial Truck Inspection Stations on the two local facilities in SE Va. However, this by No means is an all inclusive list….it is NOT . There are many others !

I live in a Home/ House that I nicknamed “Wise Bear Den “

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When I decided to start using apps to “Check in” with on a given map location , I noticed that it was at first easier to enter a NAME of a location on a app like Foursquare and let it find your location from there. Well, that started it for me… What to call the Home ( private residence ) location …My boy friend or Husbear is the official Home Owner here . His last name IS WISE . We are two Bear type Gay Guys. Where do Bears sleep ? In a Den ,of course. There ya go, I said to myself…”Wise Bear Den ” in Norfolk,Va. That for me is how the Legend was born…simple really !


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I-664 / MMMBT / South Island Inspection Station #3

A few photos of me first on my job ,






Believe it or Not , I do NOT Get paid by my Employer to publish photos, Social Network, or do anything at all on the Internet during work hours/ days. There’s a lot of down time most days at work.My work would be quite happy for employees to just set on these “quiet ” stations and just be a human camera and just monitor traffic ! Blogging,Social Networking, On the Internet entertains me, keeps me awake / alert ( which is what I get paid to … Stay alert/awake ) and cognizant of my surroundings. I also listen to my own choice of Radio….Sirius Satellite Radio . I love it. I bring it to work, set it up and take it down at the end of each shift.

This Inspection Station #3 on the South Island has a few reasons to be here :
#1. It serves as a last ditch back up station to stop vehicles that should not go thru the tunnel from doing so, whether those vehicles are large trucks, or small cars or vehicles in between.
#2. If any situations occurring in the tunnel need traffic stopped just before the tunnel, it is stopped on the Island Station.
#3. Help for lost and broke down motorists .
#4. There are other reasons , too many to elaborate on .

Some photos of this area and inside this Office Cubicle Sized booth :










These small booths have, small refrigerator, microwave oven, heater/ AC thru wall unit, fluorescent ceiling lights, Our walkie talkie radio with extra battery, roll down darkly tinted window shades, etc. Some of the “comforts of home ” .