Rainy Days on MY work days ; I hate them.



Nothing I can do about them ( Rainy Work Days); they do happen. Sometimes for days on end! Together ! I knew that coming on this Job decades ago. Does not make it any easier to bear. If I was a Weather God whom controlled weather, I’d make sure it never rained when I did NOT want it too. A lot of the routine activities of my job are done outdoors in the weather, all sorts of weather ! Some times the Rain /Wind can come right thru any rain covering that I’m wearing at anytime.
There there is Snow/Sleet which is a whole different set of circumstances that I also work in.
I prefer Fair weather to work outdoors in. The older I get the more this is just SO!

Holidays : Just another work day to me !

20121225-113307.jpg I work at a 24/7/365 hour/ day operation USA Interstate Bridge & Tunnel highway facility . As a shift of several Virginia State Employees, I and We have to be here on the job,on Holidays, in all weather conditions, all everything literally ! There are three shifts of employees here covering severing many jobs, stations, some visible to the public and some behind the scenes invisible to the motoring public.
We work 8 hour shifts on this I-664 USA Bridge Tunnel Facility. Very important jobs too. Without us on our jobs , the end results would literally be that the motoring public, both Commercial and private vehicles could NOT motor travel freely thru this facility . Sooner or later or both some kind of something would absolutely happen that would stop all traffic both directions here and there would be no recovery . We do help Keep Virginia and other motorists Moving !!!
I am one of the team of employees that keep traffic flowing.

I live in a Home/ House that I nicknamed “Wise Bear Den “

When I decided to start using apps to “Check in” with on a given map location , I noticed that it was at first easier to enter a NAME of a location on a app like Foursquare and let it find your location from there. Well, that started it for me… What to call the Home ( private residence ) location …My boy friend or Husbear is the official Home Owner here . His last name IS WISE . We are two Bear type Gay Guys. Where do Bears sleep ? In a Den ,of course. There ya go, I said to myself…”Wise Bear Den ” in Norfolk,Va. That for me is how the Legend was born…simple really !